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Welcome to Asperger's Network.

We're a team of individuals dedicated to discussing Autism and Asperger's in Australia and the world.

Asperger's Network differs from the existing Autism Communities - Wrong Planet, etc. - We've been there. We know it's hard to make friends on a large site and to get the support you really need. Asperger's Network exists on a peer-scheme. This means:

  • Asperger's Network (and it's members provide you support when you need it, so;
  • You can provide support to things that you have lived through before, and know how to make it work out
Asperger's Network prides itself in true networking. Meeting others both online and in real life - to this end, we do meetups around Sydney. This provides you a chance to meet people that you may not have had the chance to otherwise meet and allows you to talk to people you've met on here and trade stories, etc.

Registration on Asperger's Network has several benefits, these are:

  • The ability to create and reply to threads in the Community Forums
  • You can submit news articles - or maybe some blog posts about yourself?
  • You can create, and edit, wiki articles
  • You get access to:
    • Downloadable Podcasts of all internet radio broadcasts
    • Access to a downloadable live stream of our internet radio
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